Friday, October 15, 2010

Lauren's Art

It's so fun when we get submissions from our readers! This one comes from one of Nina and my sorority sisters. The drawing below was done by her friend Lauren, a very talented 4 year old. Thanks for sharing Ivette and keep up the great work Lauren!

Lauren is a fun and creative 4-yr old artist in California. In addition to drawing and blending colors, she loves to snorkel, swim, dance, sing, bake, play soccer and dabble on the piano! Lauren's favorite color is "pink HOT," and she LOVES dolphins! She even has her very own pet fish :) Lauren can be shy, but when she isn't she can talk your ear off and entertain you for hours! Hope you find her owl painting to be a hoot!!!


  1. A four-year-old made that?! That's incredible! :O

  2. That is such a great picture! Four?! Wow! Nice job!!