Sunday, October 10, 2010

Epicute owl finds

I wish I had the time...I might be able to pull off the cookies...

"Though the tree is definitely my favourite part, you might want to check out this cake in its entirety. Holy crap, guys. Which part would you eat first? Would you circle the cake a few times like a cat, finally nabbing one of the mushrooms? Would you yoink the tree off the top, sneak off to your room, and eat it whole? Would you test the waters with a cupcake or two before starting on the cake? I wish someone had given me these kinds of choices when I turned 3, that’s for sure."

"This reminds me of the basement of my great aunt Marty’s house where she had shag carpeting, lots of wood furniture, fabric covered walls, olive glass chain lamps, macrame plant hangers and owl hook rugs on the wall. The olive/rust/harvest gold color theme is so hip again, I think I need to get a tooled leather belt with my name on it."

"I found these amazing owl cupcakes on My Owl Barn, which is a blog dedicated to all things owl. If you’re an owl enthusiast like me, it would be wise to take a little peek over there. It’s a hoot!"

"Love the feet on the owls — they look like a cross between claws and tiny bloomers! I think an owl in bloomers would be a pretty awesome sight."

"These owls almost look like they’re made of felt! How crazy! And the swirled frosting background is so different and creative, I’m super impressed. Don’t they look like they’re totally in love? What sweethearts."

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