Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phone Dump

I have quite the collection of owl photos on my phone from the past couple of weeks!  This is a group effort with photos coming from Marissa, Nikki, and Kathy - thanks ladies!

Target has some great owl stuff, but it seems to be selling out quickly!  The first three items were found in the "dollar" section in the front of the store.  I went to two other Target stores to find more of the white ceramic cups on the right, but they were gone :(  Glad I snagged this one when I had the chance, it's such a deal for $2.50, but now I wish I had bought the green one too!

A wallet and girls socks:

 And in the back to school section, owls still seem to be a popular theme!


This was a featured display in the girls clothes section:

And this storage bin is a great way to organize!

Found at Staples, pencil pouches for back to school!  On sale for $1 if you can find them!

Art at Home Goods:

Bedding from Ikea:

At Michael's, an owl flag for Halloween and stamp: 

From Costco, girls shirt and rain boots:

At Marshalls, colorful owl mugs and an umbrella from Chinese Laundry:

And finally an owl timer at Vons!

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