Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Owl Halloween Costume Round-Up

Wow, I can't believe it's already October! Do you have your (or your kids') Halloween costumes picked out yet? Just in case you need some suggestions, I rounded-up some cute owl costumes! These are just some of my favs, but really there are so many options out there!

Costume Express Owl Costume $49.99

Pottery Barn Kids had the owl costume again this year and it looks the same as last year's costume, but it's not on their website anymore so I think it must be sold out :( At least the treat bag is still available and on sale for $9.99!

This cute owl costume from Halloween Express is on sale now for $25.99!

You can make an owl costume like this with instructions from Alphamom!

or use Martha Stewart's tutorial for a masked baby owl costume!

And of course there is the ever popular DIY girls owl costume from Pure Joy Events

If you aren't feeling crafty, there are some adorable options for sale on Etsy too!

from Abbygiggles for $54

from Hopto for $79

And to wrap up, love this owl costume from One Step Ahead but is sadly no longer available :(


Happy Halloween!


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  2. I know this blog was written a year ago, but do you have any idea how I can contact abbygiggles for that owl costume?? I absolutely love it and she is no longer on etsy ;( Any ideas would be much appreciated!! Thanks