Monday, September 26, 2011

For Kids on the Go...

Saw this at Kid Firefly this weekend on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA.  Love it!

Sometimes all the crayons and coloring books in the world don't cut it for smart, creative, restless kids on the go. Introducing The Original Kid★Kit™ — a super portable, super original, super fun, reusable, replenishable and eco-friendly activity kit your kids will love.

The Original Kid★Kit™ is the brainchild of a Los Angeles-based designer and a travel writer inspired (by their own children) to create a sure-fire remedy for bored kids stuck in chairs and airport gates. After years of searching for something that did not exist, they decided to take the plunge and create a quick-'n-easy travel companion that would engage kids in art, words, shapes, numbers, fun and learning through creativity during even the most tedious flight delay.

And, yeah, they were also motivated to design a product that would let multi-tasking parents actually finish an adult conversation.

They conducted their first formal case study of  The Original Kid★Kit™ prototype on a very select group of kids (their own, plus a couple of nieces and a nephew) between the ages of two and eight during one of the more brutal family vacation commutes.  Traveling for 17 hours from Los Angeles to North Carolina's Outer Banks (two layovers, one major flight delay, three hours on traffic-jammed highways and a bonus seven miles in a 4x4 along a desolate beach at high tide) was the sweetest invitation a pile of young kids ever received from their exhausted parents for a total friggin' meltdown.

From an Original Kid★Kit™ designer's perspective, it was the moment of truth.

Original Kid★Kits™ were disseminated. Fingers were crossed.

First, the kids were excited. Then, when the initial loot bag honeymoon wore off, they became curious. Finally, they were engrossed -- for hours and hours and, yes, hours. Drawing pictures. Cracking codes. Making puppets. Learning their letters and numbers. Basically doing everything you'd expect with an Original Kid★Kit™ worth its weight in platinum.

The kids were happy. The parents drank coffee and maintained their sanity. The Original Kid★Kit™ went into production.

And everyone lived happily ever after.

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