Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monthly Baby Onesie Stickers

These are fun. I did/do monthly pictures for my kids. I made signs which ultimately, as I tried to get the perfect photo, ended up in the kids' mouths, upside down, or face down on the chair. These seem much easier to use.

Monthly Baby Onesie Stickers - ToP SeLLeR - Cutest Owl Girls in Town - 13 Stickers (Just Born Included) - Choose TRANSPARENT or WATERPROOF

Peel and place the sticker on your baby's onesie or t-shirt on their monthly birthday, grab your camera and snap a picture or two (or even 100s!) and you're DONE! :)

Use the stickers and pictures for scrap booking, blogging, sharing on facebook & online albums, with friends & family so that they can watch your baby grow too!!!

At the end of first year, you'll get a wonderful collection of pictures for your baby which is PERFECT for birthday invitations and calendars!

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