Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cute Holiday Gifts

Just wanted to share these in case anyone loved them and wanted to run out to find them. I got these from my mother-in-law for Maya and the new baby.

First Moments:


And although I couldn't find these two for sale online, in my search, I found this!

Whimsical Owl Onesie

A Whimsical Owl bodysuit for a special little person!
This little guy is adorned with buttons for eyes!

I can make you a custom order if you would like a different set of colors or even a different creature.

All Appliques are fused on then sewn on with a zigzag stitch

I use Carters brand bodysuits so if you need size references for height and weight you can google "carters size chart"

Esty Seller: This Shop

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