Monday, December 13, 2010

Kenana Knitter`s Owl

I LOVE THIS! Let's all get them and support the women in Kenya! (I'm sharing my holiday save-the-world spirit.)

Kenana Knitter’s Owl

Hand knitted natural wool creations are lovingly made by the Kenana Knitters Co-operative based in Njoro, Kenya.

Kenana Knitters is a sustainable, fair trade enterprise and the money earned goes directly to the women knitters. Through the purchase of a Kenana product, you are helping to empower women in a developing country. And each creation holds a tag signed by the woman who made it.

Please note that product may not be exactly as shown. Kenana Knitters uses wool they dye themselves using the co-op’s roots, leaves and flowers from native plants. Because of this, colours may vary depending on the dry and wet seasons. Kenana Knitter`s Owl measures approximately 22 cm.

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