Monday, November 1, 2010

Hootie Hoot Blankie

From Hugs 2 Share on sale at today. Looks snuggly for the coming winter months.

Hootie Hoot Blankie - 24'' x 36''

SKU# Hugs2Share816168011723

original $38.00

The lucky kid who has this blanket is never lonely for a hug . . . there's one embroidered right on the blanket! It's made of scrumptiously soft "cuddle" fabric on the embroidered side and smooth cotton fabric on the printed side. What a great gift to give for no reason at all, just because there's a kid you love.

• 24'' x 36''
• 100% cotton on one side; cuddle fabric on the other
• Embroidered with a hug and the words "consider yourself hugged"
• Machine wash; tumble dry
• Recommended for all ages
• Made in the USA

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